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Hello To All, And Welcome On My Page, I Will Post Text And Pictures Of Me Favorite Sports.
Road Cycling, Cross Cycling
Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoe Walking
Stand Up Paddling
I Hope It Brings Fun In Your Live, And You Can Enjoy The Nature Like I Do It

On the way to the horse, all a save trip ...

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Sunday on the bike ...

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Am vergangenen Vatertag hatte ich das Glück, eine atemberaubende Wanderung im Naturpark Obere Donau in Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland, zu erleben. Der Naturpark Obere Donau ist bekannt für seine beeindruckende Landschaft, die von schroffen Felsen, dichten Wäldern und malerischen Flusstälern geprägt ist.

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  • Lauf am Nachmittag
    On 15. May 2024 14:28 went 4.80 km during 01:04:08 hours climbing 54.40 meters burning 727 calories.
  • Lauf am Nachmittag
    On 15. May 2024 13:41 went 1.37 km during 00:20:53 hours climbing 23.40 meters burning 208 calories.
  • Mal wieder draußen schwimmen
    On 14. May 2024 17:31 went 0.06 km during 00:30:14 hours burning 103 calories.
  • Mo so viel wie So ? 🤔
    On 13. May 2024 17:38 went 66.16 km during 03:41:31 hours climbing 774.00 meters burning 1,701 calories.
  • ESC Schock 😮 Erholung
    On 12. May 2024 11:19 went 68.21 km during 03:23:03 hours climbing 689.80 meters burning 1,664 calories.

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