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Hello To All, And Welcome On My Page, I Will Post Text And Pictures Of Me Favorite Sports.
Road Cycling, Cross Cycling
Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoe Walking
Stand Up Paddling
I Hope It Brings Fun In Your Live, And You Can Enjoy The Nature Like I Do It

Draußen ...

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or look at me actions on Strava,

  • Mal den See suchen gehen
    On 23. September 2023 9:57 went 13.75 km during 02:45:40 hours climbing 241.80 meters burning 2,183 calories.
  • Bei Mistwetter hilft nur eine Weinprobe und Shoppen
    On 22. September 2023 12:57 went 2.58 km during 00:26:46 hours climbing 18.80 meters burning 383 calories.
  • Ankommen
    On 21. September 2023 16:30 went 5.51 km during 01:10:51 hours climbing 192.90 meters burning 944 calories.
  • Das war knapp vor nass
    On 18. September 2023 17:40 went 35.48 km during 01:36:53 hours climbing 203.50 meters burning 772 calories.
  • Immer noch Sonne ☀️
    On 17. September 2023 11:11 went 51.08 km during 02:43:34 hours climbing 367.40 meters burning 1,720 calories.

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I hope you like what you read

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