Me at the lake
Me at the lake

Some facts over me:
I am Thomas and born 1970


metalwork technical with a lot certifications

Technical Delegate and
Technical Official for:

World Triathlon
Europe Triathlon
Challange Family

Projectmanager for:
Craftsman academy
and sport events

Neighbourhood development

What I like do is:

As main to ride me road bike

If the weather is bad I have some options:

or or the indoor bikes if there is no option for outdoor:

In winter I like do do snow shoeing or cross country skiing.

If there is no snow, it is a good idea to enjoy the sun on a hiking tour:

What I all so enjoy, is to work on triathlon and multi sport events around the world.

I am proud to have succeeded in many events in many countries as TO or TD.

TD in Alsdorf bei der Duathlon EM 2022
TD in Alsdorf Duathlon EC 2022

Event work, Miami and Singapour